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Because of the critical nature of a POS system, choosing a POS Consultant is a big decision – bigger in many ways than the actual hardware and software choices. Price is an issue, but in many cases you get what you pay for. This is why you need to choose The Right Vendor and the understanding of the POS Buyer Guide to help guide you through the process!

Support – Customer support is critical to the success of a POS installation. Make sure you know exactly what your vendor provides in terms of response times, replacement policies, and telephone support. This is the single most important aspect of a POS purchasing decision.

The Differences Between Support & Training
(Separate but equally important!)

Installation – The quality of a POS installation can have lasting effects on your business. Qualified installers will not take a standardized approach to installation: they will analyze your needs, test your existing infrastructure, including power lines, and make sure you get a system that is customized to your location and business needs. The first week or two of using a POS system will determine whether it flies or flops, so a well‐tested installation is essential. Ask how often the vendor will be on site during and after your launch – only until the system is running, or will they come back to check in and answer the inevitable questions that arise?

Experience – As with any major business purchase, potential vendors’ experience in the industry is also important. However with POS systems you can go one step further: investigate how much experience the vendor has in supplying systems to other companies in your line of business. Dry cleaners have different needs than liquor stores, and a self‐service cafeteria varies considerably from a sit‐down sushi restaurant. Good POS salespeople will ask you about your business, find out what your particular needs are, then provide a solution that is appropriate for you.

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Facilities – Visiting vendors’ facilities can be a great way to get a sense of their operation. You will be able to check out their repair shop and get a sense of how busy they are. You may want to ask for an organizational chart or a tour of their site.

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